more than MyBB,
much more!

Try it,

  1. Simple PHP in all "templates".
  2. Display of the users country name.
  3. Display of the users country flag.
  4. Option to ban whole countries.
  5. Option to archive users access.
  6. Possibility to add an icon associated to each forum.
  7. More "smileys" in teh original installation.
  8. Better mass "smileys" management in the administration.
  9. More evoluated "plugins" system management.
  10. Language selection can now be inserted in the header.
  11. All error messages are in language variables.
  12. Licence verification in the added library.
  13. Display of the web browser prefered language for visitors.
  14. Group permission added to allow de insertion of attachments into a PM.
  15. Use of multiples domains for the same forum(.com .ca .fr) and HTTP/HTTPS simultaneously.
  16. Instant notification system, for a new response to our own discussions.
  17. Automated theme for portable computers and cellphones.
  18. Private messages followup like a dialogue, giving a complete historic of a discussion.
  19. All the forum content can have a multilingual display.
  20. World map with localisation and information on all membres that connected in a day.
  21. Compatibility with CloudFlare for IP addresses.
    ... and many more options!