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Obtaining and inserting MyBBPlus License

Obtaining a license

Once MyBBPlus installed, if you open your board, this window is displayed.


You will be taken to this form page on :


The fields Server IP, Domain Name and Forum Path are automatically pre-fille. You just have to choose the license type in the dropdown list :

  • 2 weeks (free)
  • 1 year : 29,95$US
  • 3 years : 74,95$US (-17%)
  • 5 years : 109,95$US (-27%)

After submitting the form you will receive an email with your license code.

Inserting the license in your MyBBPlus Board

Step 1 : Go to the bottom of Admin Setup tab page, and in "Settings Plugins", click MyBBPlus.
Etape 2 : Fill in accurately all fields.
Validate, then your MyBBPlus copy is now fully functional.
Thank you for choosing MyBBPlus !